Our Wish Came True X2 – (Ultimate Twin Baby Shower Guide)

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Welcome to your one-stop shop—everything you need to know to throw the ultimate baby shower for twins.

Because when you’re holding a twin baby shower, you’re celebrating twice the love and excitement.

It’s a double baby shower. With double the joy.

(But thankfully, not quite double the work.)

So whether you’re a mom expecting twins—planning your twin shower for yourself—or friend or family member, you’re in for a treat.

There are a lot of fun baby shower themes and games you can use that don’t make sense for singleton parents. No offense to babies who are born one-at-a-time, but this is going to be a unique and fun baby shower!

Timing Your Twin Baby Shower

It’s important to have the baby shower early enough that momma can still enjoy it.

Let me explain.

Many twin moms end up needing to deliver the twins on the early side. Bedrest and other restrictions that can dampen the mood of the baby shower are also more common at the end of twin pregnancies.

If an early birth is anticipated, it’s not unreasonable to have a twin baby shower as early as even 5 or 6 months of pregnancy.

This happened to use personally. We ended up having to host our twin baby shower in a hospital room while mommy was on bed rest and under observation.

Twin pregnancies can sometimes be high-risk and stressful. Don’t worry, it was still a lovely event, but the accommodations were a bit limiting.

So especially if you’re helping plan for someone else, keep an eye on the party timing!

Twin Baby Shower Party Favors

Planning gifts for adults attendees at any party, not to mention a party about giving birth to a baby, can be a strange affair for some. And with the stress of the pregnancy, if you’re planning your own baby shower, don’t get up in your head about it. This day is about you!

You don’t have to do party favors. But, if you insist, here are some great ideas that you can buy or make at home, DIY-style.

Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum packs are the ultimate, classic twin baby shower party favor. And so what if it double mint gum is a super obvious idea? If you like it, do it.

Apart from the obvious gum, traditional baby shower party favors work great. Just try to have two of various items.

You will probably get more ideas for twintastic party favors when picking your theme, but here are some common ones that can work with just about any theme.

  • Twin baby gift baskets
  • Sugar cookies decorated in line with your theme
  • Color-themed M&Ms (pink and blue)
  • Dual baby bottles, full of candy

Unique Themes for a Twin Baby Shower

There are a ton of unique theme ideas you can use when your baby shower is celebrating twins. Below are quite a few.

While many of these themes are gender neutral, some are not.

Two Birdies Joining The Nest – You can use little birds and owls as decorations. With a little planning ahead, stock up around Easter time as there are a lot of little chicks and other details.

One Fish, Two Fish… – Here’s a unique one that is Dr. Seuss inspired but isn’t Thing 1 and Thing 2. If the twins are opposite sexes, you can replace red fish, blue fish with pink fish, blue fish.

Monkey See, Monkey Do – Who doesn’t love little monkies?

Classic Themes for a Twin Baby Shower

Source: http://karaspartyideas.com/2015/07/two-peas-pod-baby-shower.html

Sometimes you just have to go with a tried and tested classic theme.

Two Peas In a Pod (link) – This is a really cute baby shower theme that never gets old.

Noah’s Ark – There were two of each animal on Noah’s ark. With this theme, you get to have cute little animals everywhere.

Princes/Princesses – Don’t forget to get a crown for Queen Mommy too!

Little Misters – Break out the bow ties for this baby shower idea for twin boys.

Pink and Blue – Sometimes simple is best. If the idea of a theme stresses you out, maybe just color code your baby shower.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 – This is a very common theme, but still fun!

Sports Themed (esp. Baseball) – If the babies are boys and the parents are sports fans, a sports-themed baby shower can be a lot of fun. Finding decorations is easy! A variation on this idea is the All Star Baby Shower.

Pinterest is a great site to find all sorts of inspiration for cute twin baby shower themes, too.

Twin Baby Shower Decorations

Get some great theme ideas from inboards

If you’re crafty, you may want to figure out how to make your baby shower decorations at home. That’s great!

Homemade baby shower decorations can be made on a budget and still look amazing! But if you’re like me, to get a really nice result you’re going to need do-it-yourself instructions with pictures.

Pinterest isn’t just great for figuring out cute themes; it’s extra great for coming up with decoration ideas as well. You can find DIY Ideas for baby shower centerpieces, place settings, party favors, wall decor—you name it!

Martha Stewart is another fantastic resource for DIY table centerpieces and all sorts of other stuff.

Both Pinterest and Martha Stewart will come in handy for figuring out baby shower flower arrangements, too!

Twin Baby Shower Card Message Ideas

Another great thing about twin baby showers is all of the fun expressions and rhymes you can use.

If you’re looking for flowery language for your baby shower invitations or elsewhere, here are some fun, twin-friendly card message ideas.

  • Woohoo, it’s two!
  • Double the fun
  • Double trouble (trust me, when you’re a parent of twins, this one gets old)
  • Double the trouble, twice the fun, we’re having two instead of one
  • Twice the blessing, twice the fun, two miracles (instead of one)
  • Double the love
  • Our wish came true X2
  • Why yes it’s true, the twins are almost due!
  • Twice the love every day, two little babies are on the way!

Twin Baby Shower Food Ideas

The next step in hosting the ultimate twin baby shower is nailing the food.

Depending on the time of the shower, you may need food ideas to cover brunch, lunch, a luncheon, snacks, dessert, finger foods, and appetizers.

Reminder! You can ask guests to bring food to the baby shower. So firm up your menu and then farm it out.

First of all, Martha Stewart has an absolute ton of baby shower food ideas, including cakes, cookies, sandwiches, and adult beverages. Every single thing at your twin baby shower doesn’t have to be twin related. So check it out! Some are easy ideas, some require a bit more effort.

As far as twin-themed food goes, this is often about putting two of something where one would normally go. My favorite finger food idea from our shower was two pigs in a blanket. The hot dogs barely fit! (Sound familiar?)

Twins Baby Shower Games

There are many different kinds of baby shower games to consider.

Some are competitive. Others are casual. Some are designed to embarrass. Others to help break the ice for people who don’t know each other well.


  • Famous TV Twins Trivia
  • Famous Twins Trivia
  • Twin Stats Quiz – look up stats and see who can get the closest
  • Baby Shower Bingo – gifts they think parents will receive
  • Don’t Say Twins (clothespins)
  • Double Trouble Diaper Race (One-handed)
  • Pair the Baby Socks (jumble socks, time, give socks to mom)
  • My Water Broke ice cube game

Gifts for Mom Expecting Twins

One thing you may want to be sensitive about is quantity. You’re probably going to want to give two (or an even number) of most baby shower gifts to the twin’s mom.

Here are a few baby shopping ground rules.

No buttons. When the babies are small, threading a button just feels like so much work. Snaps, zippers, and velcro are the way to go. Those matching outfits may look really cute. But if the mini-sweaters have mini buttons, they probably won’t get worn except for when you come to visit.

Here are a few ways to knock it out of the park.

Personalized baby gifts. Monogrammed or embroidered blankets are lovely. If you’re getting a little one’s name printed on something, just remember if it is clothing they will soon outgrow it!

Handmade blankets. There are few items that can feel more special than those where you made with your hands.

Sleep sheep. Until you’ve experienced your newborn twins waking each other up, you haven’t known the power of white noise.

Other twin baby shower gifts for moms include:

  • jewelry for the mother
  • outdoor toys

Don’t forget too, after the twins are born, the parents will be overjoyed by your helping out with meals (send take out!) or anything else you can spare time for.

Oh, and as the kids grow, check out our twin shopping and gifting guide.

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