best twin mix-up stories

Identical twins get mistaken for each other all the time. And every once in a while, the results are highly entertaining.

A few years ago, a post on Reddit asking for the best twin mix-up stories got over 2000 comments.

Here are the most enjoyable stories.

Unfair fight

Was at my black belt test for hapkido, and one of the requirements is 3 on 1 sparring. My brother was in the same group as me, and our master would shout out someone’s name and the other 3 in the group of 4 would attack that person. It started with one person, then my master shouted “Terakhan!” However, the others thought I was my brother, and began to attack him. I played along. My brother was taken completely off guard as I shouted phrases to get my brother. The entire crowd was laughing like crazy and it took a fairly long assault on my brother for them to notice they were attacking the wrong person. By the time they realized the focus switched to someone else. It was fantastic. Read More...