Welcome to your one-stop shop—everything you need to know to throw the ultimate baby shower for twins.

Because when you’re holding a twin baby shower, you’re celebrating twice the love and excitement.

It’s a double baby shower. With double the joy.

(But thankfully, not quite double the work.)

So whether you’re a mom expecting twins—planning your twin shower for yourself—or friend or family member, you’re in for a treat.

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Best Wagon for Twin Toddlers

Strollers get the job done, but there is nothing more fun than pulling along a pair of twins in a bright red wagon.

Wagons are classic toddler vehicles for good reason. And in recent years, wagon technology—can we say that?—has gotten really good. Today’s wagons are comfortable for kids to ride in. You can load a custom wagon up with accessories and storage.

It’s truly never been a better time to get a wagon for your twins.

How we picked the best wagon for twins

My husband and I spent a lot of time shopping for the wagon for our twins. He’s a stickler for getting just the right product. This is especially true for a kid wagon that we will have for years. Read More...

gifts for twins - water coloring books

It’s tricky to shop for gifts for twins because there are so many nuances. You want to get the right gift, but it’s hard for the gift to feel personal if you get the same thing for two people. When you give these gifts to the twins you also—obviously—want the parents to be pleased.

Before we dive in to this guide which includes various twin gift ideas as well as general rules to follow, we need to first check in with the parents.

Gifts for children can have a tremendous impact on parents. The wrong gift can cause squabbles between twins that result in the gift being sequestered in a garage and never used. The right gift provides a moment of relief to a parent of twins, who is already doing double-duty and will be so appreciative. Read More...