Gifts For Twins – Brilliant Shopping For Ages 0-5 [How-To Guide]

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gifts for twins - water coloring books

It’s tricky to shop for gifts for twins because there are so many nuances. You want to get the right gift, but it’s hard for the gift to feel personal if you get the same thing for two people. When you give these gifts to the twins you also—obviously—want the parents to be pleased.

Before we dive in to this guide which includes various twin gift ideas as well as general rules to follow, we need to first check in with the parents.

Gifts for children can have a tremendous impact on parents. The wrong gift can cause squabbles between twins that result in the gift being sequestered in a garage and never used. The right gift provides a moment of relief to a parent of twins, who is already doing double-duty and will be so appreciative.

Let’s start with the biggest twin gift question of them all.

When shopping for gifts for twins, should they both get the same gift?

The easiest way to know whether to get twins the same gift is to ask their parents. I know this sounds obvious but bear with me.

First, the same rules for shopping for kids in general. Be nice to their parents. If you get the kids a tie dye set or painting kit, you’re setting up the parents for a big mess that could potentially destroy your home. Be responsible with your twin gifts. Parenting two children of the same age can be rigorous. Try to make your twin gift something that makes the parent’s life a little bitter too.

Another important rule of thumb is that there should be two gifts to present and unwrap. If you buy a two-pack of something and intend it to be a gift for both twins, remove the times and wrap them individually. That way you have a gift to give to each twin at the moment of gift giving.

Gifts for twin babies

Twin babies are the cutest, and a good gift for twin babies makes them even cuter, no doubt. Luckily, twin babies are the easiest to shop for. The rules for twin baby gifting are fairly similar to buying gifts for singletons. Just get two of whatever you come up with. Then consider personalizing the items with embroidery or engraving the twins names. Parents love it!

The other thing to remember with twin baby gifts is that their parents are exhausted. Taking care of two babies is draining. It’s two of everything, plus they can wake each other up an disrupt each other. Sleep deprivation is at an all time high. So consider with your gifts for twin babies, getting something—anything—that can help the parents rest and relax a bit more. They’ll be sure to appreciate your twin baby gift much more that way.

Twin gifts ages 1-2

Twins go through stages. Between ages 1-2, most twins are happy to have and receive the exact same gifts. In fact, for younger twins, you should generally buy THE EXACT SAME thing for both of them. Exact in every way, including colors. If you do choose to get two different items, you are putting the parent in a difficult situation. Your twin gift could end up creating tension in the home.

Twin gifts ages 2-3

Around ages 2-2.5, many twins begin to develop a desire to sometimes have their own possessions. These twins may be happiest with gifts that are very similar, but are somehow different in a way that each twin can tell which one is theirs. At this age, is can be very important that you get something different for each twin, of course, hopefully with equal perceivable value.

Age 2-3 is also the age where twins really start to play with each other more often. In this age range, you may want to look for gifts for them that would be fun for them to play with or use together.

Gifts for twins older than 3

After age 3 those twins aren’t toddlers anymore. They are now fairly complex human beings.

And while 3+ twins may appreciate getting the exact same thing, often they want something they can identify as their own. This is the age where they start to develop unique identities.

It’s a good idea to check with the twins parents for advice at this age.

Make your gift unique with embroidery, monogramming and engraving

As a parent of twins, my favorite gifts always came from my brother and his wife, who every year for Christmas sent a gift to the twins that had their names on it. When they were one, they sent hooded baby towels, one lion, and one froggy, each with a twin’s name on it. Another memorable gift was engraved pink jewelry boxes that played music when opened.

We figured out that Uncle Dan and Aunt Beth shop for gifts for our twins a lot on Certain items will be flagged with “monogram” or “personalize” and if you use those options, they are great gifts for twins. I had thought they had some secret twin gifts website they had discovered. Other stores have personalization options like Pottery Barn, too. Just look around for them.

Bikes, Wagons, Strollers and Other Vehicles

twins having fun in the Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon

If you’re looking for a big gift for twin parents that will really change their life, consider a stroller, wagon or bike. There are also all sorts of things twins can sit on that scoot around.

For a twin baby shower, a fantastic double stroller could put your twin parents into tears.

But what if they already have a stroller and bikes?

That’s where the wagon comes in. A lot of twins don’t have a wagon yet. And wagons are tons of fun, especially when the twins get to around 2-3 years old and can easily ride in it.

We spent hours, days even, finding our perfect wagon. Years later we still love it. Check out this review of what we consider the best wagon for twins and toddlers.

Best gift ideas for twins – our favorites

Mini strollers and push-and-play wagons

Twins pushing their wagons in the backyard

Because we try to get wooden toys when possible, Grandma got two Boikido Push and Play Wagons for the girls when they were just learning to walk. They took to pushing the presents around the house and yard. Then it turned into pushing each other around in the tiny wooden wagons.

The outside of the wagons are vibrant and have little activities you can do built in. So when the girls got bored of pushing, they would often sit with their wagon and continue to engage in it.

Just make sure that when you build the wagons (which is easy) you screw everything in all the way. Otherwise, they rattle a little bit.

Get push and play wagons like these on Amazon and probably at Bed Bath and Beyond if they still stock them, too.

List of other twin gift ideas

When putting together this article we thought our readers may like some help brainstorming. what u talking about

I want to add larger sections with pictures of these gift ideas. But in the meantime, below is a list of presents for our twins that have been very successful twin-oriented gifts, along with other gift ideas we’ve discovered.

  • matching shoes
  • matching outfits
  • monogrammed towels
  • engraved jewelry boxes
  • Melissa & Doug Water Wow! – reusable books where kids paint with water
  • matching stuffed animals – just don’t overdo it because this is a common twin gift
  • matching or similar bags or buckets
  • something they can build with, like this Mickey & Minnie Lego train set

Giving twins the gift of time with you

gifts for twins - your time

It doesn’t cost you anything to spend time with your twins doing something special. One day we “planted flowers”—two flowers I got at the 99-cent store, in pots of beans. The materials for the activity cost almost nothing, but spending an hour engaging totally with the twins, talking to them, teaching them—that can sometimes be the best gift of all. Especially if you’re looking for gifts for twins on a budget, consider giving quality time.

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