My Search For The Best Twin Wagon. Here’s What Happened. (Review – 2017)

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Best Wagon for Twin Toddlers

Strollers get the job done, but there is nothing more fun than pulling along a pair of twins in a bright red wagon.

Wagons are classic toddler vehicles for good reason. And in recent years, wagon technology—can we say that?—has gotten really good. Today’s wagons are comfortable for kids to ride in. You can load a custom wagon up with accessories and storage.

It’s truly never been a better time to get a wagon for your twins.

How we picked the best wagon for twins

My husband and I spent a lot of time shopping for the wagon for our twins. He’s a stickler for getting just the right product. This is especially true for a kid wagon that we will have for years.

We looked at practical factors like the wagon’s weight and quality of construction. The best pull wagon for our twin girls needed to be light enough for me to lift in and out of the car (which is actually a minivan).

We needed bags and other places to put snacks and supplies. Since we’re in Seattle we wanted a removable cover for both the rain and the sun.

If our kids were going to absolutely love this wagon, the form and features needed to be just right.

Plastic vs. pel Wagon

twin pulling her best wagon for twins Radio FlyerFor wagon materials, we talked a lot about the classic metal/wood wagon frames versus plastic for pull wagons.

The metal wagons looked great. It felt durable. The wood too. These materials are strong and have a classic radio flyer feel.

But let’s talk weight. A Radio Flyer All Terrain wagon made of steel and wood weighs 36.6 pounds. The Radio Flyer All Terrain Pathfinder wagon (the plastic one) that is almost exactly the same weighs 24.85 pounds. That’s about two-thirds the heaviness! 30 pounds is also around where things feel really heavy to me.

Plus, almost every supply you need for your twin adventures is double, so weight can really matter. The lighter plastic wagons started to really appeal to us as the best wagon for our toddlers.

Ultimately the plastic seats felt more comfortable too. It seemed less likely to lead to an injury if one of our girls slipped going in and out. Plastic wagons have more options, generally speaking, probably because the material is easier to shape.

Having narrowed our search for the best wagon for twins down to plastic pull wagons, we started to look at some of the finer details.

Seat belts, Cupholders, and Storage Pouches

Sometimes a wagon is just a wagon—basically a small boat with four wheels and a handle for pulling. There’s nothing wrong with pulling your kids around in a basically a wheelbarrow, but we wanted more.

Our twin girls drink a lot of water, so we always have bottles around. Cup holders were going to come in handy for that in our ultimate twin wagon.

Plus we always have lots of snacks. Little zip lock bags full of crackers, popcorn or nuts (no nut allergies!). Pouches of apple sauce. Bananas. You name it.

And don’t forget all the toys. It’s pretty much a ritual now that our girls will each bring one toy with them. Plus usually, there are a few balls. Not to mention toys from the last wagon trip that got left behind.

So while looking at wagons for our twins we noticed some had various covers for the seats that had pockets on the back. There were even packs that would hang from the wagon.

Seat belts were another important option, since, honestly, sometimes our rambunctious twins, like many toddler boys and girls, may want to run off. We gave extra points to seats that fold down since that makes the wagon a bit easier to load into our car or park in the garage.

Wheels, Turning and Terrain

One other aspect we wanted to get right was the wagon wheels. I knew this wagon was going to need to go on grass. It would, at times, be our mothership during a picnic. I planned to drag that red twin baby drop-ship out into the middle of a park. Good wheels were a necessity.

Most wagons have good wheels for most terrain. We also checked turning. How easy was it to turn all the way around? How much space did it take to turn around? The best wagon for twins for us needed to provide a smooth ride, even in tight spaces.

best wagon for twins candid pic

Why Radio Flyer Wagons Are Great for Kids

Radio Flyer has been a classic for generations, and after spending so much twin with wagons, I can see why. The materials are constructed beautifully. And the features are all thoughtful and perfect for the unique challenges of a parent who has to juggle two little toddlers at once.

But the best thing about Radio Flyer wagons is that they are totally customizable!radio flyer Tesla

I had no idea you could mix and match so many options. It’s like designing your own Tesla. (By the way, if you have a few hundred dollars laying around, you can get a kid-sized Tesla from Radio Flyer too! (You may want to order two.)

The best accessory we got is possibly our canopy. When we go on twin adventures, one thing we’re conscious of is sun exposure. Places like the park, zoo, and beach don’t always have shade where you want it. The canopy gives you peace of mind for those long outings. It’s great when you’re expecting a little bit of rain but want to stay out as long as you can. (PS – you can get umbrellas too.)

The removable seat covers are also fantastic. It adds a bit of cushion for your little one. The pockets on the back are perfect. A pack of wipes fits right inside the larger pocket. Snack and things go in the smaller ones. We do end up stashing other things in the little trunk-like spaces on either side behind the seats. The space behind the front seat is easily accessed while you’re pulling the wagon.

So, are you ready? Here’s our five-star pick for best kids wagon. (We’ve had it for years now…)

twins having fun in the Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon

Yes, this is the best wagon for twins because it has it all. The materials. The accessories. The storage. The maneuverability.

All of the pictures of our twins in a wagon on this page feature our ultimate comfort wagon. Here’s one of Grandma pulling the girls around the parking lot. The girls love it!

As of the writing of this post (2017), you can get the Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon on Amazon for $169.99 with free 3-day shipping for Prime members.

Here’s a video of our girls having so much fun in their Radio Flyer wagon.

Best Kids Wagon on a Budget

You might love the Radio Flyer Comfort Wagon as much as we do, but want to find a nice wagon for your kids that is easier on the budget.

Step2 makes a lovely red wagon, called the All Around Wagon, at a great price: $59.85 with free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

If you’re buying a Step2 wagon you probably want the All Around Wagon, not the Neighborhood Wagon because the All Around has better storage. It has 6 cup holders and a secret compartment in the middle plus a trunk in the back.

The Step2 All Around Wagon only weighs 22 pounds, so it’s lighter than the Radio Flyer. The whisper step2 all around wagon storagequiet wheels are well made. With 360 pivoting on the wagon wheels, the Step2 is actually mildly easier to turn than the Radio Flyer, although both have very nice handling. The large wheels pull easily on grass, pavement, and gravel.

Assembly for the Step2 All Around Wagon is a little tricky. Study the slightly vague directions well, and make sure you have all of your tools ready: a hammer, some wrenches, and a screwdriver.

No matter what wagon you get, you’re bound to have many fun adventures. And if you’re looking for inspiration on what those adventures may be, check out our big list of fun activities to do with your twins.