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best twin mix-up stories

Identical twins get mistaken for each other all the time. And every once in a while, the results are highly entertaining.

A few years ago, a post on Reddit asking for the best twin mix-up stories got over 2000 comments.

Here are the most enjoyable stories.

Unfair fight

Was at my black belt test for hapkido, and one of the requirements is 3 on 1 sparring. My brother was in the same group as me, and our master would shout out someone’s name and the other 3 in the group of 4 would attack that person. It started with one person, then my master shouted “Terakhan!” However, the others thought I was my brother, and began to attack him. I played along. My brother was taken completely off guard as I shouted phrases to get my brother. The entire crowd was laughing like crazy and it took a fairly long assault on my brother for them to notice they were attacking the wrong person. By the time they realized the focus switched to someone else. It was fantastic.

Being good neighbors

Twin here.

Shortly after my wife and I bought our first house my twin brother came to visit. He stayed for a few days and then on his way out of our driveway leaving he hit the neighbor’s mailbox. I’m not sure how but he didn’t even notice that he’d knocked it loose. The neighbor was nowhere in sight and I didn’t notice until a few minutes later. I called my brother and we had this conversation:

Me: You have to come back and apologize to the neighbor.

Him: Why, what happened?

Me: You knocked over their mailbox pulling out of the driveway. Come back and apologize.

Him: I’m already at the highway, and I’m running late. Can’t you just tell them for me?

Me: You want me to go to my neighbor and say “Hey, I’m sorry about your mailbox but it wasn’t me, it was my identical twin brother.”

Him: …. That’s a fair point. I’m turning around.

The neighbor didn’t care and thought it was hilarious to see us side-by-side. There’s nothing less believable than “It was my evil twin” until you can actually prove you have a twin.

We had lots of other fun episodes, but this one stands out as a legitimate “It really was my twin!” moment.

They became bros

Apparently, my great-grandfather got mugged and shot SIX TIMES because his identical twin was a con artist that stole and cheated his attackers.

Yes, he survived.

Afterward, the gunmen realized they got the wrong guy, beat up the real bad twin, invited my great-grandfather to some drinks, and they became bros (because both he and they wanted to desperately get rid of the evil brother).

The second family

My dad is an identical twin and we have a picture of his brother with his wife and kids on the wall. When people ask who the folks in the picture are, I always say “that’s my dad’s second family.”

They usually actually believe it because we are Americanized immigrants from Canada. All I have to do is tell them “you can marry one person per country.”

But I’m not my twin!

When we were in school, we would always trade places. I would take her art class, she would take my science class. The kids in our class were in on it, they knew it was happening.

One day we were both in our (appropriate) home room classes when we got pulled out for switching classes. Some of the other kids had said we were in the process of switching classes, even though we weren’t. We kept insisting that we were in our actual assigned classes, but they didn’t believe us. They couldn’t prove anything, however, so there were no consequences.

Good times.

Twins share everything

In elementary school, my twin and I could not get into trouble without the other being involved.

That isn’t to say that we messed up together. That’s to say that no matter what the other did, the teachers and staff always made it so we were both in trouble, even if only one of us did something wrong. I think they just wanted to make sure they always had the right culprit.

The doctor is in

My dad and uncle are identical twins. When I was a kid they shared a medical practice (they are both MDs with the same specialized area…). My dad admitted to me once that there had been a handful of times that one or the other couldn’t make it to an appointment and one twin would fill in for the other. Doctors get really good at pretending they know their patients well, even if they see several thousand a year.

Snuggle up

Identical twin here. This sort of thing is so normal as a twin that it’s hard to remember specific incidents. As kids, our most common excuse was “My brother did it” to the point that it’s still a joke in the family even though we’re now in our 30s.

As teens, it was common for one of our girlfriends to sidle up to the wrong twin and hold hands, or snuggle up from behind, then wig out when they realized they had the wrong person. Our close friends could tell us apart, but girlfriends come and go and many never could tell us apart very well.

As adults, we worked within a few miles of each other for a few years, both in white collar jobs. It was fairly normal to go out to lunch and have a perfect stranger walk up and strike up a conversation as though I was my brother – “Hey (0ilburner’s brother’s name), how have you been? That TPS report you filed the other day was a real doozy!” It was also common for one of my co-workers to seek me out after coming back from lunch in order to inform me that I have a twin, and he looks just like me!

We live in different states now so it doesn’t happen often anymore, but when I go to visit him his neighbors are a bit taken aback at how alike we look.

The kissing game

The groom in a wedding I photographed is an identical twin. At some point during the dinner, he stepped away from the table. While he was gone, guests started clinking their glasses urging the couple to kiss. The bride looked at the empty seat and shrugged, then the best man/groom’s twin slid into the groom’s chair and planted a very showy smooch on the bride. The groom returned to find his twin kissing his wife, made a show of starting a fight, and then ended up getting dipped and kissed by his own brother! Oh, hijinks!

Parlare Italiano?

My freshman year in college, my twin sister visited me. She and I had taken Italian for 6 years through middle & high school, so naturally, I asked her to go to my Italian 101 class in my place. Her hair was drastically shorter than mine, but otherwise, we look quite similar- luckily one of my friends was in the class and vouched that she was indeed me. About halfway through the class, the professor begins calling on people to read aloud from the textbook. When it got to be my sister’s turn, she read the paragraph flawlessly. My professor interrupted her, and in Italian called her out in the middle of class. She answered that she was actually my twin and she was visiting me. The professor then told her he could tell that it wasn’t me because she was MUCH better at Italian than I was. Ouch. He and I had a good laugh about it the next class, considering no one else in the 100 level class could understand their exchange, and I showed up at the next class with long hair. TL/DR: I have a stutter in Italian, but my twin puo` parlare Italiano.

Just roll with it

Sometimes when people say hi to me I say hi back and continue whatever conversation they start, thinking that maybe I met the guy and forgot. After a little while, it becomes clear that they think I’m my identical twin and I did NOT, in fact, know them, but at that point it’s too late to be like “Oh I just realized I have no idea who you are” so I just continue the conversation as my twin. This happens to both of us at least once a month as we are on campus at similar times. People also come up to me and ask what my problem is/why have I been ignoring them/etc because they try to talk to my sister thinking she’s me and she doesn’t realize what’s going on.

You’re supposed to be dead!

One time in high school I had my twin brother sit in my seat instead of me. I’ve been told the first 10 minutes of class went swimmingly until I came in late. The teacher was absolutely stunned and had no idea what to do with herself (she didn’t know I had an identical twin). So I start screaming “WHO THE HELL IS IN MY SEAT?!” And my brother stands and yells “You’re supposed to be dead!!” and we “fought” over who the real one was. Long story short, he ran out of the classroom and I pretended it never happened. The students never stopped laughing and my teacher didn’t figure out what went on until my brother and I stopped by at the end of the day.

There’s always a smarter twin

Senior year of high school, in my US history class (my twin was in it too), the teacher was handing back our unit exams. I should preface this by saying that my brother has always bested me in every test that year–there’s always a smarter twin, isn’t there–but that day, things were different. I got my test back, compared it with my brother’s, then immediately let out a loud whoop and stood up with my arms triumphantly outstretched. I did it! I finally beat him!But my brother took a glance at his test and started laughing: the teacher had switched our tests. I sheepishly sat back down.

I’ve since gotten higher test scores (and have placed less importance on grades), and we’ve gone our separate ways in college, but nothing beats the first sweet taste of false victory.

Stealing my brother’s job

I’ve posted this before, My grandfather had an identical twin, my grandfather is named Jon and his brother Layton. So WWII happened and Jon got drafted, at the time he had a pretty good job and Layton had a shitty one. So while Jon was gone Layton pretended to be him and worked his job, even got promoted. When Jon got home he told Layton to keep working the job, and Jon became Jack. To this day Jon still goes by Jack, and Layton was Jon until he died a few years ago.

The haircut game

I knew a family with 2 sets of twin brothers. Their favorite trick was for two of them, one from each set of twins to go together to a new hairdresser/barber.

They’d both get a cut, pay and leave.

30 minutes later… In come the SAME two guys, with their hair all grown out again!

Get that license

There are two 18-year-old twins here (Belgium) that needed to get their driving license. One of them could drive pretty well, the other one was awful. Well, you probably guessed it: the one that could actually drive did both their driving exams and passed both of them.

The marching band

During one trip to visit my twin brother at university, he handed me a ticket to that week’s football game. My brother was in the marching band at the time, so I swung by in the third quarter to say hi, and all I heard for the next 10 minutes was “holy shit, he does have a twin”. Naturally, they invited me to sit with them for a while. During that time, two 5th year seniors were quietly conspiring and hatched a clever scheme. For the following week’s game (against their biggest rival) these two seniors stole me a uniform, a sousaphone, and marching shoes, and snuck me into the band. I paraded in with them, marched the halftime show with them, and after the game took a photo with them all.

All in all, a pretty good day.

Hard to weed out which twin

Identical twin here.

Always got all the classic mix-ups by everyone.

My head still turns every time I hear my brother’s name called because I learned very early that the person was just as likely talking to me.

I’ve taken a drug test for him because I wasn’t able to smoke weed at the time and he was. That was pretty easy, I didn’t even know his social when they asked me but I just said I didn’t know it. Almost wrote my name on the paper instead of his too, just scribbled the first letter of my name out and wrote his instead. He sat in the car listening to music smoking a joint the whole time.

Other than those few things, very solid experience overall, I’d say.

The hookup

Not me, but my roommate started dating this guy who looked all too familiar. It finally hit me that I had hooked up with him multiple times. The two of them had been going out for over a month and she really liked him. I didn’t know how to tell you without it being awkward. Finally, one day I just worked up the courage to say that I had fooled around a LOT with her now boyfriend. She just smiled and explained he had an identical twin whom I had messed around with. Her boyfriend had already told her. Embarrassing.

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