Activities for Twin Toddlers – Over 70 Fun Ways to Survive the Day [List]

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activities for twin toddlers - bikes

Toddlers require a seemingly never-ending supply of entertainment, and that goes doubly for activities for twin toddlers.

At the toddler age (2-3 years), your twins may be playing together sometimes, but they still crave a lot of adult interaction. Unfortunately, attention spans for activities are often 2-25 minutes. So if you’re looking for fun things to do with twins, you’re going to need A LOT of inspiration.

Being on the very tail end of this stage of our own twin girls life, I put together this list of activities for twin toddlers with the hope that you might fare a little bit better than I did.


Gymboree Play and Music. Gymboree offers tons of affordable but chic kids clothes. But in many cities, they also have centers with “classes” for infants and toddlers. These structured play, music, and art sessions expose your kids to new ideas, ways of moving, and ways of communicating. Our girls really started to blossom once we got them in a few classes.

Kids in a play and music class

Little Gym classes. In our area we have something called the Little Gym. Maybe you have something similar in your area. Here toddlers can enjoy gymnastics-inspired play sessions that will get them jumping, running, balancing and tumbling. It tires them out quite a bit, and improves their coordination.

Ballet and other dance classes. Dance studios often offer classes for young ones. This can be a very fun activity for twin toddlers, but you usually need one adult per child. Be warned: even with little ones, ballet is a structured type of dance, and they will be expected to mostly follow directions.

Fun Places to Go With Kids

Play in a stream or river. If you’re lucky enough to have some flowing water nearby, wading around in a shallow part of the water can keep twins entertained for hours. Just pop on those rain boots and go have some outdoor fun.

Wading in the stream with rain boots on

Parks and playgrounds. Make sure they have two toddler swings that are next to each other. You can alternate arms, pushing one, then the other. This also where my twins invented the game “restaurant”. There is a little play structure with a window. You “order” something from them, and they run and get the food (wood chips) and dump it in front of you.

girls making a huge pile of wood chips at the playground

Botanical garden or local nursery. Our girls love just walking around in nature. If you have a local botanical garden, great! But even your nursery can be an activity for twin toddlers! There are so many interesting plants to look at. Who cares if it is a store?

Library story time. Many public libraries have a story time session. Check your local library’s website. This can be a fun thing to bring the kids to, provided they can keep still!

Grocery shopping. Okay sometimes the twin’s activity also needs to get something accomplished for the parent. Grocery shopping is pretty straightforward, but a few tips. 1) Talk to your twins about what you are seeing to improve their vocabulary. 2) If there are no double-seat carts and you’re up for it, you can grab two carts and put one in each seat.

put one twin in each shopping cart seat

Mall walking. Set the expectation that you’re not going to buy anything. Take them to see all of the people and items. If you go in the early morning, you can get in before stores open. Because the mall is a contained space, even rambunctious twins are are to lose.

Go to thrift store and play with everything. The toys section is great because there is a huge variety and everything is out of the box. If things are getting dicey, tell them they can pick ONE toy to bring home. Make sure you wash hands after.

Pools. My twins LOVE going to the pool. The only drawback is you need two adults.

fun things to do with twins at the park

Inexpensive restaurant like at a breakfast diner. Denny’s, and restaurants like Denny’s, can feed two toddlers with a single meal that is under $10. Honestly, A few pancakes, eggs, and sausages feeds three of us. These restaurants provide an activity for you twins with coloring sheets and crayons for while you wait.

Zoo. If you have a local zoo, they probably offer a membership. Our local zoo, Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, has an single adult membership for $49 and kids under 2 are free. It becomes $87/year once they are over 2. While this is only good for one adult, you can basically treat the Zoo like going to a (free) park once you get the membership.

Aquarium. If you’re lucky enough to have an aquarium in town, don’t forget you can do something similar to the zoo.

Fun Activities to Do With Twins At Home

Make a mountain out of pillows and couch(es). I like to “play mountain” on rainy days or when we don’t have time or energy to go outside. This accounts to basically piling up all of our pillows on top of the couches and ottoman. I throw a blanket over the top for good measure.

twin toddlers playing mountain

Make a cave or fort. This fun activity for twin toddlers is fairly self-explanatory. It’s a staple for many childhoods. Just make sure there is space for two! And for just a couple of bucks on Amazon, you can give them some reusable LED glow sticks that are super fun in any dim/dark activity for twin toddlers.

Parachute time. This is one of the activities for twin toddlers that we stole from Gymboree. We bought our own play parachute. You open it up across the whole floor. Then you sing songs and do other fun musical activities with your twins. What makes parachute time work is that it needs a structure. Try to do the same thing every time and your twins will learn what it is about and follow along.

Train table. Building train tracks is great for both boys and girls. Our girls love it. You can go with or without the table, and maybe just get the tracks. Keep in mind, you have two twins, and these sets are designed for one. You’ll need extra train tracks as well as cars. I spent a lot of time looking for the best wooden train cars on Amazon, and here’s a link to a 12 pack of train cars that are really great quality/value at $20.

Play kitchen. Maybe don’t buy one new. You’ll see these at thrift stores quite a bit. Get some fake dishes. Plastic ones are fine, but I think the aluminum pots and pans give a more authentic fake cooking experience.

Baking. Speaking of kitchens, toddlers are fascinated by baking. I measure out all the ingredients in advance. Then we get down on the floor with a bowl. They take turns pouring things in. Then they take turns stirring.

twin toddlers activity - baking

Toddler in the kitchen (Montessori-inspired). Cooking with your kids can be a fun and helpful activity to do at home. At this age, they enjoy and get a lot out of helping. Tasks like cleaning vegetables, grating, chopping, pouring, mixing, and cleaning are all fun things for toddlers to do. Obviously make sure they are mature enough to handle what they are up to. Mama’s Happy Hive has a really amazing write up of using the Montessori method in the kitchen with your kids.

Light table. For around $100 you can pick up a light table like they have in the kid’s schools. Then any transparent toy, especially ones that you build with, gains a whole new dimension with the light. There are these 3D building blocks that snap together magnetically. They look really cool with the table. Our girls like to play “put the animals in cages” where they will trap small animal toys inside boxes they build.

Twins can build some really cool stuff

Improvised games that are fun to do with twins

Play Trick or Treat. Put stuffed animals in various places around your house. In front of them, put bowls. Fill the bowls with small toys, like lego blocks or toy cars. Whatever you have that is small. Then let your twins put on their costumes, get a bucket, and go trick or treat. Instill good manners and make sure they say, “trick of treat” before taking any candy, and always follow up with, “thank you.”

Play Egg Hunt. Here’s another fun thing you can do with twins. You can hide Easter eggs around your house any day, any time. Leading up to Easter we played a TON of this game. I would fill the plastic eggs with snacks, like crackers and nuts, instead of candy. The biggest problem with this activity for my twin toddlers is that they got REALLY good at finding eggs.

Make a map like Dora the Explorer. Hide some “treasure” somewhere in your house. Then draw a map with three locations, the last one being where the treasure is. It will probably look terrible Have your twins try to figure out what you drew to find the treasure!

activities for twins - dora the explorer map

Plant plastic flowers in pinto bean buckets. Beans are cheap and you can get them at the store. There are all sorts of fun pouring and scooping activities twins can do with them. One game we have fun with is using them to plant fake flowers. You shovel the beans into a bucket and stuff some flowers from the $0.99 store in there. Warning: these do make a huge mess so I recommend trying to keep it contained, like on a parachute.

The girls are really engaged in this fun activity

Learn some dance moves. Twins love to learn new ways to move. You can teach them simple dance moves that you make up. Even practice a choreographed routine.

Painting. Who doesn’t love painting? My carpet. But everyone else does. Lay down a plastic tablecloth. Get some paints that are safe. And a big spool of paper. You can start with fingers, then go to brushes. You’d be surprised how a 2.5-year-old can learn how water colors work. Our girls are addicted to painting Love Day hearts (blame Daniel Tiger). So I have to cut hearts out of paper grocery bags to give them.

Play dough time. When it comes to activities for twin toddlers, play dough is awesome. You can make pretty decent play dough yourself on the stove top. Again, lay down something to protect the carpet. Buy some cheap cookie cutters and kids-sized rolling pins and you are good to go.

Diaper pile with cases of diapers. For some reason, my girls love nothing more than to destroy a case of diapers. They will tear open the package and throw them around with a great deal of enthusiasm. Yes, it’s a little harder to store the diapers afterward. But you go through them so fast, who cares!

twin toddlers playing with diapers

Tupperware. Build stuff with them. Put stuff in them. This is a surprisingly-fun thing to do in terms of unconventional activities for twin toddlers.

Plant plants.

activities for twin toddlers - planting in dirt or sand

Build some sandboxes and get a couple of extra toys. Or just get some low-edged tubs for mini-sandboxes. We got the “magnetic sand” because we thought it would make less of a mess, but it turned out the girls actually love the real thing more. Of all the fun things we do with our twins, sandboxes probably occupy their interest longer than anything else.

Hide the little stuffies. This is pretty similar to Egg hunt. Have the twins wait in another area while you hide all of their stuffed animals. Then have them try to find them. This is a surprisingly fun thing to do with twins.

Paper cups and plates – stacking, painting. For some reason, paper plates and cups are an excellent source of entertainment. They instantly turn in to an engrossing activity for your twin toddlers.

Muffin cups. I learned while having them help me make muffins one day, that my twins love muffin cups. They like putting them in muffin trays, stacking them. Even just carrying them around.

Fix everything. If your kids have play tools, one fun game is to pretend everything is broken! Things need fixing! Go around pointing out parts of objects that are broken and ask your twins for help! This is also a good way to teach the words for little parts of things.

Twins playing with toy drills fixing dump trucks

Practice forward rolls. You need to support their neck and make sure they don’t roll on it. But anything physical like this is sure to be a fun thing to do with your twins.

Patty cake. This is one of those activities for twin toddlers where you want to try to teach them to do it with each other. It’s REALLY cute.

Hide and Seek. Let’s not forget the kid activity basics! Hide and seek is super fun with twins.

Let them pick out and wear your clothes. And shoes. Twins have a lot of fun playing dress up. And who needs real costumes anyway!fun things to do with twins - backpacks

Help with laundry sorting. Aka dive into laundry and throw it everywhere. Look, when the clothes come out of the dryer they are already in a pile. You don’t have a lot to lose. Enlist their help and you’ll find that laundry time can become a remarkably fun thing to do with your twins.

Get little backpacks, purses, and wallets. You can pick these up for just a couple of bucks at a thrift store. Your twins will have fun reenacting some of the things that you do with these items. Save spent gift cards and business cards for the wallets. You’ll be surprised what they start to fill these up with.

When all else fails: Amazon fire tablets with Amazon Freetime. For $50 each, you can snag two fairly-decent tablets from Amazon. Then Amazon offers this thing called FreeTime, which is basically a safe, curated pile of eBooks, videos and apps for kids. We try to limit our girls’ screen time to the recommended 2 hours or less a day. Tip: don’t create two profiles. Just use the same for both kids. That way if they get jealous of what the other is watching, it’s easier to find in the recently viewed items.

Toddlers sharing a tablet on the couch

Outside Activities for Twin Toddlers

Cleaning time, including car or garage. Let’s face it. Twin toddlers can absolutely destroy a house in just seconds. I like to gather up all their toys in a laundry bin, bring it to their room, and empty it on the floor. If you keep their toys in separate bins or bags, you can teach them about sorting. You’ll also source up some toys they haven’t seen recently, which can keep them occupied while you tidy up.

Play Run! Okay you got me. This is just running in a circle. In our version, the adult has to chase with their arms out, calling, “I’m gonna get you!” This is perhaps the most tried and true of all of these activities for twin toddlers.

Pull them around in a really cool wagon. We like to use our wagon at the Zoo, but that’s not the only place. Pulling the girls in the wagon (versus the stroller) is way more exciting. You don’t even really have to go anywhere in particular. They may want to get in and out, which is fine. Here my review and why I recommend this Radio Flyer wagon.

Best Wagon for Twin Toddlers

Go “fishing” in puddles. We’re in Seattle so there are plenty of puddles to be played with. One game that the twins really like is to pretend to go fishing in the puddles. You just need some sticks that hopefully you can gather near your house. Break one into small bits and toss them into the puddle. Let the twins pretend to fish. Eventually they will probably pull the sticks out with their hands. But hey, getting wet is all part of the experience!

A neat outdoor game with sticks

Bath time twin toddler activities

Pouring everything. Get cups, bottles, watering cans, whatever. Kids love to pour water as far as activities for twin toddlers go.

Get a bunch of bubbles going and pour them away. So if you pour baby shampoo on to a wet luffa and then rub it with your hands, you’ll produce a ton of bubbles. You can give them heaps of bubbles. Stick them to the wall. Even heap them on your arm. Then ask the twins to pour water on the bubbles to wash them away.

Lining things up on bath edge. My twins love make lines of things. Simply bring some small plastic toys with you to bath time. Carefully start placing them in a line on the edge. The twins will get the picture and start to complete your line from both ends.

Little fishies. Sometimes the twins like it when there are no toys in the bath. Then they can kind of lay down and be little fishies.

Well there you have it. These are my go-to activities for twin toddlers, and I’ll keep adding more.

How about you? What are your favorite activities for twin toddlers. What are some of your favorite fun things to do with twins? Post them in the comments!

Recipes and Crafts for Toddler Twins (and singletons!)

Chalk for kids.

Stir together the following until it thick like frosting:

  1. 1/3 cup plaster
  2. 4 tablespoons water
  3. food coloring

Pour mixture into cookie cutters placed on waxed paper. You can also use old toilet paper tubes if you save them up.

The chalk is dustless and dries in 20 minutes.

Watercolor paints.

Combine 1 tablespoon vinegar with 1 tablespoon baking soda. It may be fizzing. 😉 Stir for 1 minute.

Add 4 tablespoons cornstarch, 1 tablespoon corn syrup, and food coloring. Stir until paint forms.

You can make watercolor wants by gluing bits of sponges to craft sticks and dipping it into the paint. Let the wands dry. Then, when you’re ready, just dip them in a bit of water and you can paint with them on paper!

Fingerpaints for the bath.


  1. 2 tablespoons liquid baby soap
  2. 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  3. food coloring

That’s it. This is a real fun thing to do with twins. Things are gonna get wild!

Slime (aka “Goop”).

In one bowl, mix together:

  1. 1.5 cups water
  2. 2 cups white glue

In a separate bowl, mix together:

  1. 1/3 cup water
  2. 1 tablespoon Borax

(Note that Borax, while generally safe, can cause skin irritation for some people or if slime is made excessively.)

Add Borax mixture to glue mixture and combine using your hands. Be a little patient. Eventually it becomes silly putty, essentially.

Silly Putty.

Similar but different from Slime.


  1. 2 parts white glue
  2. 1 part liquid starch
  3. food coloring

Pour the glue into a bowl. Mix in food coloring of choice. Cover with liquid starch while pulling away the sides of the glue. Avoid stirring. Let sit for 5 minutes. Squeeze out the starch and then kneed until it reaches the desired consistency.

Pet Tornado.

In a one quart jar, add: three-quarters full with water.

  1. 3/4 quart of water (three-quarters full)
  2. 1 drop of blue food coloring
  3. 1 drop of green food coloring
  4. 2 tsp. liquid dish soap
  5. 2 tsp. vinegar

Gently stir.

Tightly secure the lid. Give it a shake (best if it is kind of a circular motion) and voila! You have a pet tornado in your jar.

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