Having twins was one of the scariest and greatest events. As a parent of twins, you soon must become an expert in all things multiplies. You also get an interesting window into how other people respond to twins differently.

Along the way of my twin adventure I’ve had questions. So many questions. As I looked for answers on the web I wasn’t always able to find the knowledge I needed. Things about what gifts to get, how to deal with double trouble, and so forth.

My mom is an identical twin, just like my girls. I’ve gotten to see the twins situation from both sides. By the way , don’t try putting 100 candles on a cake for that dual 50th birthday. The extra heat just melts the entire thing in seconds.

This site is to help other people, parents, siblings, friends, even twins themselves, find the answers they are looking for.


You may notice sometimes when reading this site that there are links to products with our special code on them. This just lets us earn a few cents to help support the site. We promise never to give you mad advice and lead you already. It doesn’t cost you anything so it’s win win.


Thanks for visiting.

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